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Copy of copy of steps to becoming a full time blogger 2 article

Become A Full-time Blogger in 7 Steps

(Post I wrote on If you’re tired of building someone else’s empire and are ready to take the leap and blog full-time, read on, my friend. Here are 7 steps you can take to become a full time blogger.

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How to Generate and Convert Greater Inbound Leads

Let's face it.
Traditional marketing efforts don't cut it anymore.
Today, we're seeing less and less of the old tactics, while more digital marketing methods come to the fore.
Inbound marketing, in particular, has become a hot button issue. But you know that, right?
You're here because you want to generate more inbound leads that drive more conversions in your business.

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Why You Need Keyword Research to Improve Your Organic Search Traffic

A sub-par keyword research strategy can cost you your entire SEO campaign.
Where do you go when you're searching for information?
The internet, of course.

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How To Find The Best Marketing Firm For Your Business (Ghostwritten for a digital marketing company)

Let's face it.
Not all marketing firms are created equally.
You don't want to put your faith and money in the wrong marketing agency, just to find out they actually have a terrible track record, they're unable to meet your business's' specific needs, or they just aren't a good fit for your business.

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10 Pieces of Startup Advice All Entrepreneurs Can Use

As a new entrepreneur plunging head first into unfamiliar waters, you're often given loads of unsolicited startup advice.
As eager as you are to soak up every little bit of startup advice that gets thrown your way, not all of it will be advice that you should follow.

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How To Write Marketing Blogs Your Clients Will Actually Read

You’ve created an appealing website, cranked out some decent blog posts, and then waited for the waterfall of traffic and clients to start flowing in.
But then, crickets.

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5 Ways To Optimize an HVAC SEO Campaign - Ghostwritten for a SEO company

When was the last time you picked up the phone book to search for an HVAC business? Or any business, for that matter?
Exactly. You haven't, and you don't.

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7 Big YouTube Influencer Marketing Mistakes To Avoid - Ghostwritten article

YouTube influencer marketing is an excellent way to expand your brand's reach - but, only if you do it correctly.
A staggering 75% of marketers are using influencer marketing.
And you couldn't choose a better platform than YouTube. YouTube has the highest return on investment for any influencer marketing campaign.
It can deliver unbelievable results if you do it properly.

Beginner's guide  12 surefire ways to grow your blog's traffic article

Beginner's Guide: 12 Surefire Ways To Grow Your Blog's Traffic ...

You started a blog, crafted stellar content, and waited for the traffic to start pouring in. But it didn’t. Not the way you pictured it, anyways. How are you supposed to grow your blog’s traffic and keep them coming back, you ask?

Good question.

8 surprising reasons why you are not getting any blog traffic graphic 1 %281%29 article

9 Surprising Reasons Why You're Not Getting Any Blog Traffic

Whoever told you that starting and maintaining a successful blog was going to be easy, was lying to you. The hard truth of it is that beginning and growing a profitable blog is challenging, laborious, and downright exhausting.

But is it worth it? You bet.

Ultimate pinterest tips to explode blog traffic graphic 2 article

Ultimate Pinterest Tips To Explode Your Blog Traffic | The Beautified ...

Pinterest is truly a game-changer for bloggers and biz owners. It’s definitely my secret weapon. In fact, I see over 70% of my blog’s traffic from Pinterest.

7 tips tp skyrocket your blogs traffic article

How I plan to make a full-time income blogging in 2017- And how ...

It’s that time of year again where our Facebook newsfeed’s blow up with all kinds of “New Year, New Me” cliche statuses; but you know what? I don’t find anything wrong with setting higher standards for ourselves and our businesses for the next year. In fact, I think that every one of us should be setting actionable goals for 2017.

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10 Tip To Avoid Phishing Scams (Ghostwritten for software company)

Most of us know not to click on suspicious-looking emails, especially those asking for personal information. But somehow phishing scams are more prevalent than ever before. It's more important now more than ever, to educate yourself so your security isn't compromised.

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Sell Photos Online: How To Get Your Work More Exposure - Ghostwritten for a photography business)

Let's face it: You're not the only photography website on the web.
Far from it, actually. So how do you stand out from the over-saturated crowd, and get exposure for your photography website?

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Why My Airbnb Investment Building Is Stealing Share From Your Hotel

Airbnb has taken the hospitality industry by storm. Airbnb has nearly 33,000 hosts just in Flordia alone.
But is Airbnb a serious threat to your hotel?
The short answer is, yes.